Practical Tips Shrinking calf

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okay after yesterday I posted how to shrink the stomach right now I'll post how to shrink the calf

Have legs with slim calf contains, of course, be a desire of all women. However, if you happen to have a calf "taro bogor" or large and round, do not be discouraged.The size of your calf, is determined by many factors, such as genetics, prolonged standing activities, often using high heels, or the habit of doing activities that force / burden on the back foot (heel). But do not worry, you can initiate the formation of calf exercises are easy and practical to live. I wonder what kind of training it, let us learn together;

Massage Calves

1          . Serileks Position your body as possible, sit with one leg bent in front of the chest with the other foot prop on it (cross legged). massage your calf muscles of the ankle to the knee using the palm of the hand.

2.          Rub the bottom of the foot with both hands intensely, do from the ground up, this exercise is also good for sending oxygen to the calf muscle veins.

3.         Increase flexibility by massaging his calf leads to the heart (stroke up) calves using the palm of the hand, besides the movement can also reduce fatigue

Raised calves

Raised calves that are intended to put the calf in a higher position with the heel as the pedestal. This movement can measure the strength of the calf muscles and quickly restore blood flow to the heart of the calf and the calf muscles to pump up the movement. Movement is performed;

1. Stand up, keep the balance with the heel as the pedestal, stand on the edge of a ladder or stool / object with a height of ± 20 cm higher than the ground, and heels in the air. To be balanced, put your hands on the wall.

2. Gently lift your heel and toe on the highest point, then lower your heels as far as possible at the same speed.

3. Repeat this movement at least 2 sets of 10 repetitions. When it is used, increase the amount set calculation.

TYPE OF EXERCISE FOR shrink calves


Cardio exercise such as swimming, running, cycling, jumping rope, etc. and combined with a high fiber diet or a diet low in protein intake may help shrink the size of your calves. And a good choice for losing fat faster with older properties, which means you can continue to maintain the shape and size of your calf, without getting big muscles for this exercise. Even if you want more reduction in the size of your calf muscles, the portion of this exercise can be tailored to your needs.


Do not underestimate this little exercise. As it turns out, walking can extend your muscles and gives a better shape for your foot and calf automatic. This sport is very easy to do and are very familiar with our daily lives. Severe effects of running this also reduces the risk of many major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, etc..

Pilates and Yoga

In addition, programmed exercises such as pilates and yoga to choose from as an alternative sport. Because of its function, its own pilates strengthening and stretching exercises involve intense muscle to flex and extend so as to provide a higher stature, which automatically provides a more level shape of the foot with the ideal-sized calves. Moderate yoga, can help you be more relaxed and able to manage well your heart rate, blood flow smoothly, helping the regularity of the muscle so easily trained to get a more perfect form.

Exercise above, well done daily for maximum results. But remember to always stretch the calves, especially before and after practice with a high portion / light weight training is good, being much less weight and cardio, to prevent muscle stiffness, which can cause injury, pulled calf muscles, or even increase the size of your calves.