How to Be Strong People In This World

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Sometimes life in this world we doesnt have more choice beside be strong, how to be strong, and how to be strong people in this world sometimes love can support us but it doesn't matter god not love you god just give you some challenge to be strong. Your way to be strong and i wanna give u tips how to be strong people in this world.

- When u get a problem in your life first you have to be patient wait the time, try to finish that and get used to the pain because life without hurt is nothing.

- Try to know your problem get the solution ask with your family how to finish that the step maybe can make u feel better because family always understand us.

- U know god never sleep he see what u did give you a small, big problem because he love you just give u a little test to enjoy your life so pray, pray to good said what you want and he will give u the solution.

Keep Smile guys your time will come keep strong you will be the strong people hope this can help u i can give more but i pra for you, you will be the stronger people in this world :D. . . .