Loving Is Not Always Having Them

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           Love is beautifull words when we can feel that with someone we love but when we feel but our crush don ‘t do back like we do feel so hurt really hurt. In this posting I just wanna share about my story loving is not always having them. Love I feel that what o feel really full of shit mind I always get dream to get my crush really feel so great think my crush will give big hughs when I sad smile when I get a victory of my life do teamwork to our job fell so fucking great, but I wake up for that just dream. Love my crush really so hard get a conversation, give me beautifull smile, good person always helping someone get problem. That’s really my angel, but my crush love someone not me sad, weakness, cry to hear that, and I just can approve that reality pray for my crush will get a great love. So terrible still love my crush till know because we  always meet, but now I know love is not always having them, I just can do my life with pain but the pain will make me be a stronger Man I know that. just that can I share about my story sorry when this posting not really good.B