Loving Is Not Always Having Them

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           Love is beautifull words when we can feel that with someone we love but when we feel but our crush don ‘t do back like we do feel so hurt really hurt. In this posting I just wanna share about my story loving is not always having them. Love I feel that what o feel really full of shit mind I always get dream to get my crush really feel so great think my crush will give big hughs when I sad smile when I get a victory of my life do teamwork to our job fell so fucking great, but I wake up for that just dream. Love my crush really so hard get a conversation, give me beautifull smile, good person always helping someone get problem. That’s really my angel, but my crush love someone not me sad, weakness, cry to hear that, and I just can approve that reality pray for my crush will get a great love. So terrible still love my crush till know because we  always meet, but now I know love is not always having them, I just can do my life with pain but the pain will make me be a stronger Man I know that. just that can I share about my story sorry when this posting not really good.B
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How to Be Strong People In This World

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Sometimes life in this world we doesnt have more choice beside be strong, how to be strong, and how to be strong people in this world sometimes love can support us but it doesn't matter god not love you god just give you some challenge to be strong. Your way to be strong and i wanna give u tips how to be strong people in this world.

- When u get a problem in your life first you have to be patient wait the time, try to finish that and get used to the pain because life without hurt is nothing.

- Try to know your problem get the solution ask with your family how to finish that the step maybe can make u feel better because family always understand us.

- U know god never sleep he see what u did give you a small, big problem because he love you just give u a little test to enjoy your life so pray, pray to good said what you want and he will give u the solution.

Keep Smile guys your time will come keep strong you will be the strong people hope this can help u i can give more but i pra for you, you will be the stronger people in this world :D. . . .
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How to Grow On The High Spirit

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How to Grow On The High Spirit

after my last post is Healthy way of life when fasting

            The spirit is something we should use to live this life
If life without love is like a flower garden that was not said in this post Enterprenur i want to give tips  How High The Spirit of Life :

  • Beginning with the intention and then carried on well with the spirit of a small start to grow on us.

  • Remember what your reasons to survive in this world Is that your mother, father or family and other things.

  • Believe in every life there must be sad and there are also so happy when you are experiencing sadness also believe happiness will surely come.

  • Finally do not forget to pray to God that you are blessed to live in the road.

A few of my tips may be useful Thank you See you.
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Healthy way of life when fasting

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Fasting is obligatory for every Muslim in this world is to hold fast appetite, minun and cancel everything.
Okay this time I will give you tips on how to live healthy while fasting:

1. When dawn eat foods that are beneficial to the body such as fruits, vegetables and multiply eat fiber.

2. When breaking the fast eat foods that contain sugar beforehand in order to generate energy in the body so that the maximum run the selanjuntya worship.

3. Drink and multiply the mineral water that can be healthy as well as networks tighten porters, do not forget to multiply so fast our worship blessed by Allah SWT

A few tips of my gratitude.
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How to Eliminate Pain Of Love The One You Love

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 Love, love is so wonderful if we can feel it with each other but if we have gone unreturned hurt it will be a deep slump ever.
Here are some tips that might help:
  •  ·         Always think positive about yourself because we are what we Think that means if we think positive we are a positive person.

  • ·         Never put more hope for someone you love because it's just a waste of time if you will only feel the sadness.
  •  ·         Remember in the sky the sky is still there so if you love someone there who cares for you.

  • ·         And most important is to pray, pray to god Because only he who gives life in this world.

A few tips from my  hopefully  help ^ _ ^. . .
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Some Great Footballers The Nike Mercurial Vapor Using 8 Pink

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Caceres (juventus)
Theo Walcott (Arsenal)
Gervinho (Arsenal)
Juan Mata (Chelsea), Luca Modric (Totenhan)
Florent Malouda (Chelsea)
Mesut Ozil (Real Madrid)
Mario Gotze (Dortmund)
Gustavo, Franck Ribery (Bayern Munchen)
Aaron Lennon (Tothenham)
Alexis Sanches (Barcelona)
Clint Dempsey (Fulham)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Didier Drogba (Chelsea)
Marcelo (Real Madrid)
Neymar (Santos)
Arturo Vidal (Juventus)

and much more
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Way of improving morale in the life

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After yesterday I post about how toquickly shrink your body now I will post about how to improve morale in your life.
Way of improving morale in the life

Spirit, the spirit is something that should be owned by a person to be someone who is successful and useful for other people without the spirit of things will be difficult toreach beriut tips from me how to improve morale in your life.

1.  Instill in you that you all can be successful and useful for those around.
2. Always consider yourself to all the valuable and if you all do not all have that spiritis no loss to you all.
3. Patience and sincerity as well as the key in which you-you will all be able toconquer the world.
4. And most importantly to pray pray because there is an expectation that can be fought.
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