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okay after my post yesterday about how the benefits of apples now I'll post on how toeliminate cellulite on the stomach.

            Cellulite looks like an orange skin that is generally found in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Cellulite Solutions in the book, its author Helen Foster says that diet is one solution to 'fight' cellulite. That means, by adjusting the diet, you can fight off the excess fluid, fat, and free radicals.

            If the cancer can be prevented by paying attention to food intake (research shows about 40% of cancer can be prevented by adjusting the diet), cellulite why not? Follow these steps and note the change in appearance on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Step 1
            The first step you need to do, certainly to gurangi excess body weight. Doctors Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc. Faculty of medicine of the SEAMEO-TROPMED suggest first - first to calculate the ideal weight by the formula body mass index (BMI), 'weight' (BB) in kilograms divided by 'height' in meters squared. For example, you weigh 48 kg, height 160 cm. Thus, BMI = 48: (1.6) 2 = 48: 2.56 = 18.75. Then, match the table below.

Shortage of weight <18.5
Normal 18.5 -22.9
Overweight 23 to 24.9
Obesity rates a 25 to 29.9
Obesity levels 2> = 30

Measure the waist circumference as well. For women, the limit is below 80 cm. After that, match the level of your daily activities as per the table below to determine your caloric needs banan.

Fat 25 cal / BB cal ideal 30/35 cal ideal BB / BB ideal
Normal 30 cal / Ideal 35 cal BB / BB ideal 40 cal / BB idea
Thin 35 cal / 40 cal ideal BB / BB 40-50 cal ideal / ideal weight

            If you are experiencing problems is overweight or confused about how to 'translate' the calorie count of inmates in the menu, consult a nutrition specialist to obtain a clear explanation.

Step 2

Automatic high in calories or fat. As information, after consuming 300 kcal of sugar, the amount of free radicals in the body will increase 140%. Sugar makes the collagen fibers in artery or blood vessel hardening. As a result, slowing the body's circulation.

In an instant, these two types of fat can double the amount of free radicals. Saturated fats are commonly found in animal products like meat, butter, and full-fat dairy products.While the trans fat in margarine. Limit the number below 30% of daily energy intake. For saturated fat, no more than 10%.

3. Caffeine
In small amounts, it will facilitate the circulation and metabolism. Limit only one cup of coffee or tea every three hours and not more than two or three cups a day.

4. Refined carbohydrates
Contained in the white sugar, rice, pasta, or white bread. Refined carbohydrates causes the body to suddenly get a flood of glucose. Trying to balance the body by releasing insulin, which makes glucose stored as a fat. This is an increase of fat deposits. Begin eating complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, bran-based cereals, or wholemeal wheat-free pasta.

As a result, the body will eliminate excess salt and fluid retention in the body. This is what causes cellulite. World Health Organization (World Health Organization (WHO) recommended salt intake of no more than 5 grams per day.

Step 3
A. Beans and peas
Rich in fiber and contain few nutrients. For example, potassium, which helps overcome the problem of excess fluid, protein, and calcium.

2. Nuts
For example, peanuts, cashews, almonds and Brazil nuts. High in protein, vitamin E, which can help facilitate the circulation, and monounsaturated fatty acids that help the body burn fat.

3. Oat cereal
Both antioxidants and fiber content as fat burners and keep you energized throughout the day.

4. Avocado
This fruit is high in calories. However, it contains essential fatty acids that are good for skin health. Also contain vitamin E and beta-sitosterol, fiber that helps to overcome the problem of cholesterol.

5. Banana
Contain potassium and vitamin B6, which is useful to address the problem of excess fluid in the body.

6. Pineapple
Have anti-inflammatory benefits and help repair damaged collagen fibers. It also contains vitamin C.

7. Pears
Useful as detoxification, pears contain iodine (a mineral that helps stimulate a slow metabolism), fiber and potassium.

8. Watermelon
Contain lycopene (antioxidant), potassium, and fiber that are useful to facilitate digestion.

9. Citrus fruits
For example, sweet orange, lemon, or grapefruit. A medium-sized orange has 80 mg of vitamin C (double the recommended intake), which is useful for forming collagen fibers.Methoxyhted also contains bioflavonoids, which are useful to facilitate the circulation and strengthen capillaries.

10. Asparagus
Strengthen veins and capillaries and helps control blood pressure. Also contains glutathione, which are detoxification enzymes and free radical fighter.

11. Onion and garlic
These herbs are easily included in any cuisine. Implies, among others, sulfur (helps overcome the adverse effects of exposure to free radicals), vitamin C and E.

12. Broccoli
Contains alpha lipoic acid (prevents hardening of collagen), selenium (maximize vitamin C, E, and beta carotene), and calcium.

13. Low-fat beef
No animal products should be shunned forever. Choose low-fat. Beef contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). that works to burn fat. Iron also keep you energized, especially long workout.

14. Chicken
One of the best sources of protein, as long as you do not eat the skin. Also contain iron and vitamin B complex.

15. Fish
Species of fish such as salmon, tuna, or mackerel contain essential fatty acids and prostaglandins (help facilitate the circulation).

16. Eggs
In the body, would form a sulfur-based components that help the detoxification process and reduce the amount of free radicals.

17. Semi-skimmed milk and low fat cheese
Rich in calcium and CLA, which helps burn fat and build muscle.

Step 4

A. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day
One serving equals one slice (250 g) large-sized fruit such as watermelon, a medium-size fruit like apples or oranges, or two tablespoons of vegetable. In order not to get bored, try to vary cooking methods, such as boiled, steamed, or stir-fry. For fruit, you can also consume it as salad.

2. Eat some type of protein source, at least three times a day
Helps stabilize blood sugar levels longer than if you just mertg-carbohydrate consumption. Make you avoid sweet food cravings. Choose low-fat foods, such as skinless chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products, beans, or red meat that has been removed fat.

3. Eat five or six times a day
Eat three times a day it will cause psychological hunger. You better eat more frequent, but with smaller portions. If you still feel hungry afterwards, remember that you will eat two hours later.

4. Drink lots of caffeine-free beverages
Every day, drink eight cups or one liter of water. It may also try herbal teas.

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