health benefits of apples

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1. Preventing Asthma
Recent studies indicate that a child who consumed the apple juice each day routinely exposed to extremely low risk of respiratory problems than children who ate the apple juice once a month. In addition, other studies have also shown that children born to a mother who likes to eat apples every day have a lower risk of developing asthma, compared to women who do not consume apple juice.

2. Prevent Al-Alzheimer
A study conducted by Cornell University found that the content of quercetin in apples will protect the brain from harmful free radicals and lead to Al-Alzheimer disease.

3. Protect the bone
Research in France found that flavonoid called phloridzin that contained in the apple beneficial for post-monopause protect women from osteoporosis problems, and increase bone mass. Boron, another content from apples which also serves to strengthen the bones.

4. Prevent lung cancer

Based on studies conducted on 10,000 people, those who consumed the most apples in quantity to have 50% lower risk of developing lung cancer. The researchers believe that it contains flavonoids, quercetin, dannaringin is what plays a role in preventing lung cancer.

5. Preventing colon cancer
From a study conducted on mice, rats fed an apple skin extract had 43% lower risk of developing cancer of the digestive tract. Based on the research content of pectin in the apple was the one that reduce the risk of gastrointestinal cancers, and helps maintain healthy digestive tract.

6. Prevent Breast Cancer
A study conducted by Cornell University conducted experiments on rats, and mice that eat an apple a day of having breast cancer risk 17% lower. While the mice who consumed the apple 3 times a day, have a lower risk of developing breast cancer by 39%. Although the experiment was tested on rats, but it also have the same effect in humans.

7. Preventing Liver Cancer
Addition of a well conducted study in mice, in addition to lowering the risk of gastrointestinal cancer, apple skin extract in mice also reduces the risk of liver cancer by 57%, because the content of antioxidants in apples, which has the function of detoxification.

8. Lowering cholesterol levels
In this case the apple serves to lower bad cholesterol, called LDL. A person who consumes the apples at least 2 times a day will lower their bad cholesterol levels as much as 16%.

9. Controlling diabetes
The content of pectin in apples supplies galacturonic acid that will lower your body needs to release the hormone insulin, a hormone causes diabetes. This is because high insulin production trigger diabetes, therefore apple is also useful for controlling a person who fell ill or has a talent-genetic factors of diabetes.

10. Lose weight
Study in Brazil showed that women who ate apples or pears a day for at least 3 blood money will lose weight faster than those who do not put fruit in the diet.
Very much so the benefits of apples to our health, can actually prevent deadly diseases such as cancer and even more. So do not underestimate the benefits of apple yes.

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